ISB-PGP MBA Essay Questions 2016 - 2017 and Writing Tips

ISB-PGP-Indian School Of Business MBA Essay Questions And Writing Tips

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2016-2017 MBA Essay Questions
Q1. Why you? (400 words)
  If we were to admit just 1 more candidate to the Postgraduate Programme (PGP) at the ISB, why should it be you?
R) This is your selling pitch. The school requires you to display your ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with current students/alumni. How do you stand apart - in terms of your calibre, accomplishments and possible impact as ISB student and alumnus. Dig deep and think of something that is truly yours and that ISB would value. Something that you can speak passionately about. Explore your finest accomplishments, your larger than life interests, or your deepest desires for which you have worked relentlessly. You might come up with just one such thought or you may have 2-3 such anecdotes. Doesn't matter as long as you can back these qualities with objective data or examples or stories and make a crisp argument. Do not forget to establish a direct connection between the qualities you choose and ISB's academic and non-academic resources elaborating how exactly you will contribute to experiences of the student body. Your strengths must correlate with the notion of competency as follows.
  • Academic Competency
  • Ability to contribute to classroom and learn from peers
  • Competency to practice ISB?s ethos after graduation
Q2. Goals (300 words)
  Describe your your short and long term career plans. How does the PGP fit in with those?
R) Short term is typically up to 5 years and long term means 5-10 years. Give an idea of what your ultimate vision is, (designation and industry). Highlight your present competencies and think about what would be your first job after MBA, and then move into the details. Understand and communicate exactly how each step leads to the next, and why they are important pieces of one bigger vision. Be incredibly specific. Do not skimp over details and assume the reader knows what is what. Explain methodically. Second, how will ISB PGP program help you achieve your goals? Consider the following examples:
  • Acquiring specific domain knowledge
  • Through school initiatives such as General Management Conclave, Women in Business Conclave etc.
  • Student Clubs such as Business Technology Club, Consulting Club etc.
  • Placement/Recruitment events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Specific inputs from interaction with alumni/college/family friends etc. Link it with your goals.

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