Who are we, what we share...

Call us - partners, accountability buddies and reality-checkers. We provide everything you need to construct quality applications to the MBA programs across the globe. Launched in 2006 with just two b-school graduates, today, we are a team of more than ten exceptional consultants and we have more than three thousand satisfied clients - many of them chose to join us and give back to the pool of prospective applicants.
We are well aware that many good applicants are denied admission, not because they do not qualify but just because they fail to communicate their background and the need to pursue an MBA. We did make mistakes as applicants, we improvised with knowledge and b-school education and we perfected with our consulting experience. Now, having developed a winning perspective, we pass on the same to the business school applicants.

Is it important to reach out to admission consultants? Honestly, few in our team did not take the help of admission consultants. Till date, we get excited to know that some applicants love to experiment, research and attempt the winning applications themselves. It is certainly not required to get support from a consultant to get into a great business school. However, if you are interested in taking advantage of our years of experience, we are right here for you.

We wish everyone success in the business school journey.

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