Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you and what do you do ?
MBA Admission Consultants - Application co-owners and partners - Accountability buddie ApexWriters is a professional team, comprising of MBA alumni from prestigious business schools, with a clear vision of enabling MBA applicants with all the requisite tools to prepare their winning applications
About your business and credibility ?
A legal entity since 2006, we are a preferred MBA Admissions Consultancy. ApexWriters is registered with Registrar of Companies (ROC) (appointed under the Companies Act, 1956)
Location and mode of business ?
We maintain a global presence.
Our mode of operation is online and we are effortlessly reachable via Skype/WhatsApp/Phones and Emails. Please check our Contact page for relevant details.
Can you share with me the reasons for which I should consult you? Compare yourself with your competitors.

We trust that you will do a better job of comparing us with our other friends in the business. Each admission consulting firm sets its own benchmarks of quality and adheres to the same. Yes, you have reasons to join us:
Please read about ApexWriters' edge and evaluate how can we partner with you to prepare a compelling MBA application.


Are services provided remotely ?

Yes, like many contemporary, efficient and future oriented services, we offer an opportunity of online partnership.
We have perfected our systems to run effectively online. With a few clicks, you can sign-up, create your profile and personal page, upload and download the documents online. For quick connect, we are available via WhatsApp, Chats, Emails and Skype/Phone calls.
Please check our Contact page for relevant details.
What is your standard turnaround time? What if I want my essay to be returned in a day's time ?
We promise and deliver in 48 hours.
Under standard timeline, we take up to 48 hours to return any documents to you. If you want your documents sooner, you may send a special request at admissions[at] .If possible, we shall evaluation your essays on priority. To ensure a confirmed delivery of receive your essays within 24 hours, while buying the services, please opt for Rush Service, which is at a 30% premium.
Do you charge per word of the essay ?
If we were doing an editorial or proofreading job, we would.
No, we do not charge per word or per essay basis.
We offer to edit your application essays?
We look at your essays from an expert perspective, provide you the guidelines and pointers to bring in the right stories from your life and experiences, critique your essays and edit your essays for language.
When you need extensive support, we speak with you to generate ideas, discuss and finalize stories and help you with the essay structure
I have found you via web search, how do I see samples of your work ?
Keeping our clients' preferences and our ethics in view, we do not publish any samples on our website. To have an understanding of what we bring to the table, we encourage you to avail our Free Essay Editing service. While it is an investment for us, we trust that as an applicant you will relate better to the improvements suggested to your own essays than checking a random sample of before and after work.
In addition, we will be happy to connect you with our past clients so that you may take an informed decision of opting ApexWriters or for that matter any admissions consulting firm.
You may also want to check our some feedback that our clients keep leaving for us.
Would you share my details/essays on the web?
No. We have decided not to, even though sometimes it targets our revenues when prospective applicants ask for samples. We employ quite a few ways to ensure the privacy, confidentiality and security.
1. Embracing the latest technology, we have ensured that the content and payment gateway at ApexWriters are secure.
2. Only your consultant and editor can download/upload the essays that you share via our secure online document management system.
3. As a part of our no public reference policy, we neither make your name/documents available for public reference not do we share your details with anyone, including our prospective clients. If needed, we would take your permission and pass on your details to a prospective client.
Do you limit your reviews? Do I get three reviews in Comprehensive Services? What if I need more reviews ?
You are satisfied with your essays only when you submit them, before that nothing is final.
We will work on your documents again if you would want us to. In our experience, almost all our clients are happy with the final cut of their essays. However, if you want to improve on certain sections of your essay, we will be happy to do that to your satisfaction. Send us the specific feedback and your expectations.
How do I send you the documents and receive the documents ?

Online on a protected webpage.
once you enroll with us, we assign you a password protected Client Area Here, you can upload/download and track the status of your documents. Upon uploading the documents, you shall see a suitable status. You would expect your documents to be returned to you in that time frame. After editing, when we upload the document, you receive an e-mail from us. You can then login to your personal page and download the reviewed documents. The system will also keep track of the version of the document so that you know which is the latest version of your essay and how has it improved over time.


Who will I work with ?

Thorough professionals with over 11 years of industry experience and excellent client satisfaction feedback.

What is your consultant to client ratio ?
One of the best in the business, 1:3 and less
Who are your English editors ?
Our English editors are professionals writers, editors and proofreaders with an eye for detail. They are graduate/post graduate in literature and have served as English faculty at colleges and worked at publishing houses.


How do I order your services and what are the modes of payment ?
All our services are available online for a secure and hassle free sign-up via our online payment terminal, EBS.
You can buy the services, using the credit card or check card or by net banking. Please check the relevant services for the sign-up information.