Post-MBA Careers: Corporate finance (aka industry finance)

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Corporate Finance is a branch of finance which deals with the financial decisions that corporations make in order to maximize corporate value and minimize corporate risks.

A corporate finance manager is involved in both short and long term decisions. Long Term corporate finance decisions are related to capital investment and fixed assets while in the short term, they are related to working capital and cash-flow management.

The basic functions of corporate finance are:

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Careers in corporate finance are considered to be stable compared to other careers in finance like investment banking, sales and trading etc. There are no rigid targets to be met; instead careful and systematic planning of the company's finances is a requirement. Work in generally in teams and the pay is also good. Corporate Finance jobs are thus the most sought after jobs because of the security, yet the challenging opportunities that they offer.

Fresh MBA graduates start in Corporate Finance as Management Trainees. Thereafter, the corporate ladder includes positions of Assistant Manager, Manager, Finance Head or Chief Financial Officer. Though these are the levels of hierarchy, within corporate finance, a person may have different job roles like:

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As the name would suggest, corporate finance jobs are quant-intensive. Knowledge of accounting is very important as the work also involves preparation of P&L statements.