Why should you consider ApexWriters

We review our own performance solely on your success. That is precisely why our team comprises of the MBA alumni as our consultants, who have an excellent track record of total client satisfaction and measurable results. We take pride in our unique work model of partnership -

  • COMMITTED TO QUALITY DELIVERABLES - Not an exception but a rule, your essays will be reviewed by experienced professionals who are in our team only because of their excellent skills and applicant centricity. From our launch in 2006 to partnering with over three thousand clients over the last ten+ years, we have grown primarily because of word of mouth. We take pride in the credentials and helpfulness of our team, so much so that, if you find that you are not satisfied with your consultant - we promise the quickest resolution or money back.
    In addition, we do not spread ourselves thin, we limit ourselves to business school admissions. We only work with business school applicants and our complete focus is towards brainstorming on your goals, helping you identify your calling and customizing offerings as per your unique application needs.
  • ACCOUNTABLE - PARTNERS. We are not a consultant or a coach, we are your partners. We are punctual and 100% of our clients have met their deadlines, need we say more? More often than not, you can chat with our support team or WhatsApp your questions and get the responses to your queries instantly. When that is not possible, you can leave us a message and we get back within six working hours. If we are working with you towards meeting a deadline, be assured that we will be available even on weekends.
    We are answerable to our clients and we we take confidentiality very seriously. You will not see any client documents, client details or identifiable client testimonials on our website. We never divulge details about our clients - no sample essays and no testimonials! If you, as a prospective client, need samples of our work, we welcome you to upload your own essay for a Free Review and get the fairest assessment. Yes, we will be happy to connect you with our past clients who are willing to answer your questions about our services. Please feel free to enquire.
  • TRANSPARENT - Empty claims do no good, and we agree. If you have not been introduced to us by a friend and you have questions about us, you should get a fair chance to evaluate us before you decide to select your admission partners. Being fair to your time and investment, we offer you 'Free Editing service. You can get a free sample critique to check the value addition that we can offer and make an informed investment.
    We are possibly the only ones in the business, who do not have a blanket pricing, for à la carte MBA admissions consulting services. We believe that no two schools are same and no two schools require same resources, time commitment and deliverables. In addition, schools tend to change their admission requirements frequently. To be fair to your time and pocket, we update our services annually. You check the application components, select the service that is most suitable to your needs and pay up only for what you avail. Fair and simple!
    Additionally, we are a registered company with the Registrars of Companies, Sec 609 of the Companies Act, and we conduct our business ethically. All our services, packages and incentives are made online for everyone. We do not send private links for transaction to personal bank accounts.
  • TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED - From monitoring deadlines or tracking documents to instant online checkout, we always work towards using technology for effectiveness. As our client, you get a password protected personal page on our portal. You can upload your documents and track the versions and the progress. From our personal experience, we know that, we have reduced our turnaround time by more than 25%, given peace of mind to applicants and simplified the document management process after introducing digital document management system.

    We have been there, done that!
    We can relate to your thought process, challenges and needs. We know what it means to attend office, meet family expectations, prepare for GMAT, run after recommenders, contact current students, attend info sessions and also prepare MBA applications. We share your load so that you can approach your applications with sanity.